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Thank you for reading this far - you've seen the most interesting years of development. Everything that followed was neither earth-shaking nor had it anything in common with the world of DOS.
I hope I met the nerve of some readers, and have enriched the knowledge of some others. I couldn't count up the time, to collect and write everything, anymore.
Certainly there wasn't place for every detail, however the content seemed already to gradually explode. Whoever would like to know more in each case, use the already named links, and have also a look at the following ones.

I estimate at this point, I should get rid of my thanksgivings, because this gigantic article possibly hardly would exist without the help of others!
Jim Leonard contributed a not unimportant part - he recorded not few and helped me out with a picture and a description of the MFC. As well, Eike Belgardt enriched the article by a couple of samples and pictures of cards I didn't possess at the point of writing. Thanks again!
Thanks should also fly to Arno Fleck and Johannes Bollmann. Both helped me with reading through to remove some of the last discrepancies.
I would like to thank furthermore Juho Sippola, Jörg Weske as well as Olivier Boisseau for supplying some of the photos - just because I admittedly don't possess everything mentioned here.

Sample overview for direct comparison

SpeakerPCJrAdLibIBM MFCGame BlasterLAPCGUSWave BlasterYamaha DB50XGSCCAWE32
Monkey Island[OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3]
Silpheed[OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3]
Space Quest 3[OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3]
Descent[OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3][OGG] [MP3]

Weitere Links

That Oldskool BeatTrixter reports about sound development
Sound and music in Computer GamesLess details, but more broad themes
Soundcards MuseumShort history of sound cards, tells about some not mentioned models
MobygamesOverview of many old games until actual ones
Quest Studios ArchiveComplete soundtracks of Sierra games in MIDI format
The UnderdogsMany old games - "Abandonware" - legally downloadable
FAQSysLots of manuals and descriptions about sound cards

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