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... a retrospective view on sound card history

Dolby Digital, dts, EAX... all being terms, that advertising world throws around.
Sound possibilities, that were only located in cinemas some time ago, already find move in our home. You hear the Enterprise already coming from the back. You can localize your opponents in Games after your hearing. Full sound always and everywhere.
You could think, it has never been different, probably you don't want to imagine that it has ever been different. We actually are much too pampered - are we?! After all, you should consider that meanwhile our oh-so-styled miracle crates were gray as mice not far ago, and their acoustic possibilities haven't been a large difference.
Limited to a simple whistle, at least in different pitches...
but stop here! It's very unlikely that we just switched from PC Speaker to 5.1 sound from just one day to another - in the opposite!
How did we actually get to the point, where we are these days? What do all these sound options mean in the old games? Does MIDI really sound so bad as you remembered?
This article should bring little light behind these questions, it explains the technology in the interesting years of development from its origin until approximately 1995, and should show, what we actually already knew, but often won't see: that a name and good marketing often mean more than advance and innovation...

For the complete correctness of the content, I don't take over any liability - the article originated in extensive investigations. Heavy effort flowed into avoiding wrong statements, however this definitely could not exclude their appareance either...
Any information regarding this is welcome!

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